About FIAT LUX Gallery

A transformative new art experience has landed in downtown Scottsdale. A cross between an art gallery and a pop-up show, FIAT LUX hosts three themed shows on exhibit for several weeks. From Latin, FIAT LUX directly translates to ‘let there be light’ – a gallery designed to illuminate boundary-pushing art in a variety of mediums. FIAT LUX has partnered with noted artists and undiscovered names to curate an ever-changing art space that is always engaging, enigmatic and stimulates the heart and the mind.

Previous Exhibition

Oct 17, 2019 – Nov 21, 2019

American Playground

Brian Boner’s work demonstrates a combination of intuition and a deep familiarity of figurative and representational painting. The results are multi-layered images that reflect many elements of the human condition. He focuses on the issues of memory and communication, often incorporating text into his narratives, thus redefining or challenging the way we perceive the written word and contemporary communication as a whole.

Past Canvas Issues

Vol. 5, 2018

Vol. 4, 2018

Vol. 3, 2018

Vol. 2, 2017/2018

Vol. 1, 2017

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